How to deal with this breakup?

My boyfriend of seven months just broke up with me a few days ago. The relationship was not going as planned, and neither of us were happy the last month or so. We are pretty different people, but we still were really good friends. He pretty much ignored me the past few weeks, and never responded to my texts. I knew that ending it was inevitable, but it still sucks that something can go from being so good in the beginning to being so bad at the end, and that he is rejecting me. I find myself constantly thinking about all the good times we had in the begging, and how I'm missing them. He told me that he wants to still be friend and hang out, and I really want that too, but I'm still sad a lot. Something I've been so familiar with the past few months isn't there any more, and it's really weird. Im sitting here, not crying or yelling, but just sitting. I don't know what to do with myself anymore. I'm having trouble eating and sleeping. I know what he did was the right thing, even though his reasoning was weird, but I can't shake it off. And all in all, I just miss being in a relationship. I just wanted some advice regarding how long this feeling will last, and how to move on but still be friends with this guy?


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  • Never deal with ex's. You can't "be friends" After a bad break up. Sadly that's life. Just move on one day at a time and stop communicating with him. As you can see, it's caused you nothing but confusion and pain.


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