Probably been asked before, but what's your breakup song?

So everyone has that one go to song (s) for breakups, I'd love to hear what other people's songs are mine are as follows
1. Here I go again - whitesnake
2. So long, goodbye - 10 years
3. Bother- stone sour
4. Survivor - destinys child


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  • A little piece of heaven- avenged sevenfold
    burn-pap roach
    So what- pink
    I dont give a fuck- buckcherry
    Running in the rain- hinder
    Bad girlfriend- theory of a dead man?
    anything five finger death punch, disturbed, Rob zombie, or nickleback
    And it usually stays on repeat


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  • hmm, i think these ones r good

    best thing i never had- beyonce
    fighter- christina aguilera
    so sick- neyo
    bust your windows- jasmine sullivan
    burn- usher
    nothing like us- justin beiber
    goodbye my lover- james blunt
    big girls dont cry- fergie
    better today- usher ft. neyo
    gangsta- kat dahlia
    its too late to apologise- JT
    good enough- little mix
    gallery- mario vasquez

    sorry for the long list.

    • No need to apologize for a long list, lol. Every song related to different situations of the breakup, that's the point of music, to be able to relate to it and make us feel

  • I've never dumped or been dumped (lucky me, I guess, lol). But the best break up songs to me are:

    The One I Love - REM (yeah, this is NOT a love song people)
    Love Stinks - J. Geils Band
    Wild World - Cat Stevens
    It's A Beautiful Day - Michael Bublé
    You Oughtta Know - Alanis Morissette

  • When i break up with that person Demi Lovato- Heart attack

    when its been a week after the break up
    (thinking if i could make it work or if i could do something better) Ne-yo make it work

    after a month.. I'm all like Adriana ft iggy- one problem haaha

  • Before i anwer question, just like to tell you that you answere to one of my question s and it eally helped me to put things into perspective thannk you for that , i appreciated it, anyways my songs would be,
    1. Rise again - gabrielle
    2. I still miss you - keith anderson
    3. Dont hold your breathe - nicole scherzinger

    • You're welCome! Glad I was able to be of help. :) i'll check those songs out as soon as I get home.

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    • Yeah it was a hard question for sure! I honestly go to country when it comes to love songs

    • I always like country too coz they have such meaning, reaches the heart ,

  • 4 words from heartbreak by Heather headley
    I'm through with love/ when love goes wrong by Marilyn Monroe
    That's all right/ now or never by Elvis
    4 am by Melanie Fiona
    Stupid in love by rihanna
    Impossible by Shontelle
    Emotional rollercoaster/beautiful by Vivian green
    Heartbreak hotel by Whitney Houston
    I miss you by Aaliyah
    Fighter by Christina Aguilera
    Cell block tangible from Chicago

  • Sleeping With Sirens-If you can't hang
    My Chemical Romance-I'm not okay
    Pierce The Veil-Bulletproof Love
    Pierce The Veil-Caraphernelia
    Pierce The Veil-Bulls in the bronx
    Falling In Reverse-The drug in me is you
    Falling In Reverse-Raised By Wolves
    Falling In Reverse-Caught like a fly

  • Hazel eyes - Kelly Clarkson
    I got over you - Daughtry
    The whole world should revolve around me - Little Jackie
    Just haven't met you yet - Michael Buble
    That's what you get - Paramore
    Ignorance - Paramore

    Just a few ;)

  • Power of good bye by Madonna is the best break up song ever.

  • Sparks- Coldplay, What It Is- Amy Winehouse. I'm quite the melancholy little mourner, I guess.

    • Nothing wrong with those songs at all, music is there for us to relate to. When my ex fiance left me I listened to nothing but snuff by slipknot

  • Gnarls Barkley- Who's Gonna Save My Soul

    • I'm not sure I've heard this one but adding it to my to listen to list

  • because of you - Kelly Clarkson

  • the one and only..."... ooh baby, baby its a wild world... its hard to get back, just upon a smile..."


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