This is the 3rd time this week I saw my ex in my dream :/?

its been years now and she still comes in my dreams but this is the 3rd time in this week, am i still in love with her or i am just over thinking about her
i saw we were married and she was giving birth to our child


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  • Ooh.
    Dreams just don't happen like that an often times it shouldn't be taken literally. They have dream libraries online that help you decode. I don't know it's accuracy


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  • I had a dream about my ex from years ago just this morning before I woke up dude. It sucks.

    • well it honestly sucks u just stuck in the past memories the whole after that

    • Yeah. I had pushed her out of my mind forever ago and quit thinking about her, but then I have to go and have that stupid dream. It's depressing.

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  • When you wake up do you feel good or bad?


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