Ex- boyfriend doesn't want to speak to me but I have information that might be helpful for him to know about. Best way to handle situation?

I broke up with boyfriend of 1 year 2 months ago. We're both 16. I thought we had good
communication/ relationship. A couple of weeks before I broke up with him I received an untraceable text with pictures of messages between my ex boyfriend and another person. I know they were real because they were specific. In the texs my ex boyfriend was telling this person that I was a bitch, mean and stupid. He said I was fat and made fun of my acne. I'm none of those things and people tell me I'm pretty. I felt like a knife went through me and I cannot tell you how betrayed I felt. I didn't tell my boyfriend because I felt so hurt. I lost trust and wondered if I did confront him would be be honest? We got along really good and he treated me like a princess. I kept telling myself it was probably a one time thing and not worth ruining our relationship over. I tried to go on like everything was okay but it ate away at me. My ex- boyfriend knew something was wrong but kept saying no, everything was okay.
I became so distraught that one day after spending the day with him I called when he got home and abruptly broke up with him on the phone. He was so pissed, felt betrayed, has not spoken with me since. I tried talking to him to make it civil or suggest friends but he just seemed to get more angry. I understood and gave up after a couple of tries. I have never told him about the texts because I was so hurt. Recently at school someone told me he was talking crap about me. I totally get that from his perspective I probably seem like a really bad person I feel emotionally able now to tell him what happened. Maybe someday we'll be civil. I don't want to get back together but I want him to know what he said about me first hurt deeply and that's why I behaved so out of character. What's the best way to present this to my ex so I'll have a chance of him accepting my text and actually listening. Suggestions please!


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  • Usual track record shows giving advice to teenagers is same as stabbing yourself in the foot... but JUST in case you were the exception... here it goes... If you don't wanna get back together then drop it, if you really must, find his email address and email him the pics and whatever but THAT'S IT! Put a full stop after that, don't continue going back n forth.

    But again, if you want to be mature about it just move on, don't say nothing, what is the point after all? You want nothing to do with him so why bother, don't dig up the dead wall flower.

    • I would like to be civil and I never said I never wanted anything to do with him. I would be willing to get his reason for saying those things about me - if he is ever willing to give it. He is saying negative stuff about me because of how I broke up with him abruptly on the phone. I want him to know why I acted the way I did. And as far as the texts, I erased them the same night I erased all our pictures off my phone. So I have nothing to show him, I can only tell him what they said. Thanks for the suggestion about the e-mail.

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