Should I go for it or not?

Hi peepz hope it's going good! I'm 17years old nd my ex bf Elroy is 18years old, so we just a year apart. I've dated with Elroy for 2 months which is now my ex-bf so I was madly inlove with him the time we started dating I was still a virgin! So I broke my virgin with him we didn't plan anything like this but I told him I just feel that's his the right guy to give it to don't know y I said it but that's how I felt. After we had sex he argue with me telling me that I'm not a virgin coz I didn't bleed I was furious and told him how could he even think that bcoz u know Elroy u really did hurt me! Days past and he started acting weird he wasn't calling and texting me like he use to, so I told him I felt as if he only used me and he said he didn't! Which I kinda don't believe still! So we broke up of a simply picture of me and one of my guy friends, which he claim to be my bf! I really do care about Elroy a lot and it's hard for me to say to him how I still feel because I ask him if he has a gf and he replied sort of. On the other hand I'm scared to tell him bcoz if I do he might reject me and it would really hurt me a lot bcoz his the guy I broke my virgin with! Any advice should I tell him or what should I do because I really want to be with him again


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  • Sorry but the guy sounds like a real dick if ya ask me! For one thing if he had any type of clue (which he doesn't at 18!) about finding out about girls and their anatomy, he'd find most girls DONT bleed when they lose their virginity. Bleedings caused when the hymen tears and if a girl has ever rode a bike, worn a tampon, had a gynechological exam or masterbated (to name just a few activities) then her hymen is most likely already torn before she has sex. That goes without mentioning how when it does tear the amount of blood is so insignificant (if any) for it to be noticed. What did your bf expect... u to drop a period after having sex? Give me a break! I think you need to just blow him off for the time being. Seriously! I know how hard that sounds but I promise you that will make him come around than spilling your guts to him honestly! The thing about these young guys is (unless he's totally in love with and devoted to you) you can't get too mushy with them cuz it freaks them out and they won't know what to make of it. Theyre new to feelings of love and relationships so ya can't make things too serious too soon or they RUN! I truly think if you blow him off for a while and explain that he's being ridiculous! More importantly if he's not going to trust and respect what feelings you DO have for him then why even bother with him at all? He sounds like the controlling and overly possessive type anyway which never makes for a good boyfriend! DUMP HIM! And next time you find yourself dating a guy you really like, don't give all of yourself to him too soon cuz another thing about these younger guys is they have no longevity when it comes to relationships. Their interest comes & goes, changing like the direction of the wind! And the sooner you give him what he wants from you, the sooner he's going to leave you in order to chase and conquer the next girl his eyes happen to see.


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