Is he just saying that or should I do?

My ex bf and I have 2mths since we've broken up and he's told me before not to waste my time doing things for him. Like I'll try to show him such as if he forgets his lunch I'll go buy his lunch and bring him his fav meal from where I'm going to lunch (we work togethrr) I've been wanting to try to impress him lately but he tells me not to try.. this is why I dnt stop: keep reading.. since we've broken up we never have fully left each other we hug and kissed before and we've lately hung out 1x this week which is a step the before. I've told him how i feel about him but he says he doesn't feel the same right now and how I've hurt him. Do you'll think I should continue to show him? Maybe we need to take things really slow and so I can gain his trust back.. or am I going to push him away if he tells me not to try... but I wldnt try if he wld stop firting, hugging, kissing me.. what do you think?


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  • What did you do that caused the breakup?

    • His friend saw i had a dating profile and told my guy BUT I had that profile like a yr before we were even together and I didn't deactivate it because i wldnt even get on it "out of sight out of mind" but when my ex found out he was so heartbroken to him I shldve deactivated it the moment I had a bf.. since than he wldnt trust me and looked through my phone without me knowing and if he saw a guy friend text me he would? How friendly is this guy and why... it sucks because his friends say I'm a cheater and my ex now tells me I really hurt him.. it sucks because I love my bf so much that's why I want to show him even in the simplest ways but if he says not to try I don't know if I shld stop or he's just saying that because his actions say something else at times

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    • Exactly his friends just added to it and that's what hurts the most because I'm being judged for something I didn't do.. my ex thinks I dnt care because if I did I wldnt have done those things but I didn't and it hurts so much because i love him very much that's y he tells me not to try but yet he still shows me affection here and there.. so I don't know what to do

    • It's a tough one, trying to convince someone their thoughts are off base.
      You didn't cheat, and didn't get caught doing anything, so he has to accept the FACTS, and not the perception.

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  • It's clear that you have hurt him, and he's weary about you. Also seems like he still has feelings for you, If he wants to stay in touch. Or it could be he's having a hard time letting go. Maybe lay off going the extra mile for him, see how he reacts. Maybe he will come to you, when the time is right.

    • Yah in my heart I feel he's scared I'm going to hurt him.. but when I hug him ill put my hand on the back of his head and he will just stay there just today I told him "tell me u dnt like me" n he cldnt say it.. I've told him before another time "tell me you dnt care it be easier on me" he paused and said "I cnt" my fear is not showing him enough but I need to find a way not to pressure him but make him fall back for me we were together for 1 yr n he tried to be with me for a yr b4 that and wanted to marry me so to me we have something special. To me something is still there

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