Ex contacted me after 7 months. And I'm wondering why?

An ex contacted me after 7 months. We dated for 4 years. She got a rebound and it didn't work out, I chose to wait and find someone. (We just started dating) and my ex messaged me on Twitter out of the blue and said she wanted to apologize for the way she acted when we broke up and she's glad I'm happy, she also said she would like to visit my grandma who is sick. Is she just doing it out of kindness of her heart or is she trying something else?


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  • She still has lingering feelings and or wants you/your attention back. Dont mess up a good thing with your new girl for this , be polite but tell her to back off, you two shouldn't be "friends" so soon.

  • she see's you're happy, and dating. she is jealous because you're doing good without her. she's playing games. dont even bother to keep contact with her


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