What are some reasons why an ex would contact someone after an extended period of time? (Months/years)?

I'm writing a paper over psychology and I was wondering can you guys list why an ex would contact someone after a long time. Also if you can give your own instances that would be swell as well. Thank you!


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  • Reasons an ex will contact their previous partner...
    They want to apologize.
    They want to say they miss them.
    They subconciously really miss them but come up with a bad reason to call. For instance i had an ex call to tell me that his mother said "hi".
    Perhaps they follow eachother on social media and want to congragulate about something they saw online - or just catch up...
    Maybe they want advice with a relationship or personal issue that only the ex was aware of.
    Perhaps the pet died they shared and they want to let the other person know...
    Maybe they had a bad next relationship and realized how to appreciate the ex and what used to be so they called to see how they are doing...

    Plenty of reasons. Love is not something that gets up and walks away from a persons heart. Not true love atleast. Forever imprinted.


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  • - just to re-kindle a sense of security and familiarity. often times we get to a point where we are probably in a place in life that is unfamiliar. so we lean back on things that are familiar and give us a sense of security
    - a need for positive reinforcement. maybe if we go through something that knocks our self esteem for a loop (e. g. a bad break up) we start to seek out things that can help us reinforce our positive feelings or boost our confidence
    - because you either legitimately or illegitimately have a sense that we have feelings for an old partner

    e. g... I have an ex who every so often sends out a text to see how I'm doing (I don't usually know it's her because I've long since deleted her contact). the re-connect is kind of silly but it seems like it probably comes at a time when she is feeling a little down, confused, lonely, etc and reaches out to me because I'm a familiar kind voice that seems secure to her


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