When he doesn't respond to text apology?

i sent my ex a long text message explaining why im sorry. i feel like I may have hurt him a bit with my actions prior to the breakup. some people say it matters, so I do say I was the dumper
he didn't seem too sad when we broke up tho
it was very genuine and sincere and I didn't ask for him back or mention anything romantically, I just stated what I did wrong, how he must hav felt and that i am srry. :/
it's been about 4 days n he hasn't said anything. i kno he read it but he hasn't acknowledged it. help? should I give him more time or just forget it? did I hurt him more than I thot? ):
we broke up about 1 mont ago


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  • You don't want him back so why would he respond? Typing and sending that message would make him think about it more and therefore hurt him more.

    That is probably why he hasn't responded and never will.

    • I don't think he wants to get back, I just wanted to apologize for my behavior.
      I do want him back, I would love that, but I didn't want to come across as needy or desperate especially because he was with another girl at the time (was)
      I think he forgives me because he's been acting friendly

  • That's a bit like asking why don't universities accept text applications ain't it?

    There's no sincerity to it.

    • well we used to talk a lot through text and I didn't want to make him feel cornered after all this time if tht makes sense
      and he can respond whenever he wants

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