Binary relationship?

I am in this relationship with a guy in met on a vacation we really hit it off spending the hole time together we countinued to talk after we got back because we only lived a short distance from each other shorty after vacation I had surgery we were still seeing each other and it was starting yo get serious after awhile he called and said h had to tell me something... What he told em was he had a girlfriend a d they gave a open relationship but hr wanted to keep seeing me and talking yo me. At first I was furious but after a few days I wanted to hear him out. I've been participating in this for a fee months now without ever meeting the other women/ now he tells me that this weekend we have to do thus meet because she is be coming upset...
I was pretending she didn't exsist me and him have a fulfilling relationship which I am very happy in but I am not into women and I don't want to be part of a binary relationship.
This is very difficult for me because I do csrr for him and we have such a great singular relationship. I don't want to be with out him but I don't want to take the next step of joining the 2 separate relationships...
I know I have yo leave in just dony known how to do it

Sincerely seriously confused
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  • haha i was very intrigued to hear about a binary relationship since I'd never heard of a relationship that involved computer language, but then I realized that you must have met something else

    this relationship isnt' for you short and sweet. what is the end game of a relationship like this IF you and his gf aren't willing to be in an intimate polyamorous relationship? at some point the other shoe has to fall but right now he gets what he wants from both of you and both you get 1/2 of him. this isn't feasible unless to two women are going to be in an open relationship, happen to share a guy, and realize that at some point they are going to have to deal with each other one on one

    I think you should end this sooner than later


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