My boyfriend just broke up with me and were about to go on holiday!

I'm pissed off and how do i tell my dad and i never want to hear from him again let alone go on holiday together please help


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  • I'm sure dad will be supportive if his little girl has been dumped. Tell him your still going but cancel his ticket or put something illegal in his case so he gets done in the airport then watch and laugh as u fly away without him x

    • im so sad ;_; we were going skiing i loved him so much

    • His loss then. I know its hard but its normal to feel like that but in time you will forget him and move on and when u settle down again and fall in love again you'll be happy he dumped u or u wouldn't have found the new love of your life x

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  • Don't go with him. If you spent money then ask for your half back so you can spend it doing something else.

  • Which holiday exactly? And im pretty sure your dad won't care


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