Will he truly come back or not?

I have been with my man for 6 wonderful years. it was an intense and serious relationship to the point where we talk about our dream careers and marriage and having family all the time. Both of our families love us together. That's probably in every of our conversations for the last few months. I love him. He loves me. We are each other's first everything, literally. A lot of people were always jealous of what we had because it's true love. I still believe that we have true love.

I had to move away for college to the other side of the country last month. It was going to be for an year. He was a bit upset about it but he encouraged me to chase my dreams. He was crying the day he dropped me off at the airport. Little did I know at the time that he was going to not take this long distance very well. We have experienced long distance a couple of times and managed to get through them every time so I was confident we would get through this one. And it would be the last time before we possibly settle down.

One day he asked for an open relationship. i was appalled. I said no. he explained he had conflicted feelings and he needed time to sort them out. Fast Forward to three weeks later, we are now broken up and he is currently dating a new girl (who is also married but she left her husband for him!) they r rushing things a bit TOO fast!

He finally told me that he is kind of using her for sex. He needs to get more experience before marrying me. True? I dont know. he said he is in love with me and always will be. He even said I am free to date others. However, he did mention he will end it with her eventually because he is only sexually attracted to her, nothing more. my concern is the girl is actually falling for him.

does this sound like he is honest? will he come back? a rebound? what do you think? I know in my heart he does love me but I think he just wants to get more sexual experiences because i was his first one.


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  • You've just written a small novel on your pain and confusion. This is why you don't deal with Ex's. You broke up with him. Cut ALL contact with him.

    • how is cutting all contact with him going to help? we still talk but not as much as before. its different now though and of course i dont beg or plead him to come back. im more of supportive because he is confused. am i wrong for doing that?

    • and also i would like to add i am actually giving him as much time and space as he needs. last night he did mention he is starting to seeing things clearly and he misses me. but he's still with her.

    • Are you wrong for trying to be supportive? Yes, as you can see, it's doing nothing but complicating the situation.

      How is cutting all contact going to work? Well if you weren't talking to him at ALL, you wouldn't be asking this question on the website. You'd be moving on with your life as you should be doing.

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