I rejected a proposal and I'm not sure it's the right decision?

We met a bit over a year ago. He works at the company I interned with and we had a great relationship.
But he always wanted to stay here, in the same small town and well I don't. After college, I want to move away, overseas. And I feel we've both been quite honest about that so I'm not sure why he decided to propose but he did and I said no.

But now I miss him. It's not about him, I love him it's just that I don't think we're heading in the same direction in the future. But I'm wondering maybe that doesn't matter so much? Am I being too inflexible there?
If I can't get a great job abroad next year, I'll probably regret saying no for the rest of my life. So I don't know should I try to talk to him?


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  • If you're not certain it was correct to reject it. You should always feel 100% sure if you're gonna say yes.


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe tell him it's too soon, tell him its not that you don't see a future for the both of you, just that you're not entirely sure of what the future holds for you personally. Let him know you still care for him and see if he's alright being with you in the here and now, and figuring it out when you get to that point of being graduated.


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