Broke up with ex two months ago?

Today, he called me a physco bitch and a stalker, we met up a few days ago and kissed. He said that he snags me back. That night his mum told him that if he gets back with me then she's throwing him out. Today he spoke to me like shit. He has since we broke up. I actually thought our relationship was worth saving. Now I just don't want to have anything to do with him.
He dumped me because I cut myself. I haven't since. He's made me depressed, messing with my head. One week he wants me then the other he doesn't. I am moving on.
I told him that I was going to have sex with someone else and he didn't care. I said that if he doesn't want me to then I won't. He's such a dick and I hate him but I also miss him. But the way he talks to me is disgusting!


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  • I'm sorry about your situation. I think guys often turn to assholes because they can't handle the emotional ups and downs of relationships. It's almost second nature for most men to shut down when emotional help is required. To protect themselves they then act all macho, so as to not seem weak. The whole cutting thing must have freaked him even more. But yea, forget about him. A better choice would be to be with a guy that knows how to at least handle his own emotions. It remind me of how guys get all freaked out and confused when girls cry. 'What should I do, what's going on?' they almost scream to themselves.

    So basically I think he just shut down emotionally and is blocking with ugly and cruel behaviour. Immaturity at its best.

    Don't Blame Yourself :)


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