Crying and totally brokenhearted?

i'm totally broken and can't function. my ex told me that he wants nothing else to do with me cause i had an argument with his baby mama who kept contacting me. for months she terrorized me and cursed me out and calling me racist names. finally i had enough and responded by cursing her out. then my ex texted me and cursed me out calling me a liar and a bitch. he said i told him that i would never respond to his baby mama. i tried to get him to make her stop but he did nothing. now i sm without him and i am not good. i can't eat, i'm barely sleeping and i cry all day. he won't talk to me or nothing, i done so much for him and have invested so much into our relationship and i don't won't it to be over. please help me.


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  • Honey, I get it... But do u want to be with a man who doesn't respect you enough to listen to you and take your side? Honestly, I think this is a blessing in disguise. You would running into this and issue over and over for the rest of your life! Is that what u really want?

    • No I don't want a man that doesn't respect me. I am in love with him but he said I disobeyed him when I once did what ever he told me. He even took $6,000.00 for me promising to pay it back, when I asked him about it he told me that as long as he owes me I will never be broke and to leave him alone. I guess I just lose all the way around I just feel like I'm not going to make it through this, I try to move on but I just keep crying because now I feel depressed. September 3 was the worst day of my life and to this day she still text me but I just don't say or text anything. How do I get him out of my mind?

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    • I get it... I married my first love and he divorced me for no good reason. I was heartbroken my first real heart break, but after years later I realized he wasn't for me. I want someone who is going to respect me and not use me. I know u are in love, and so was I... How did I get thorough it? Honestly I went back to my faith and went to God and prayed. Not only was I able to receive comphort but years later I got my closure and answers.

    • You disobeyed him? This guy is a fucking jackass

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  • Let it be and move on... shell always be like that... if he defend you well that's saying something. Although she is the mother of his kids ,, as king as your respectful to the kids he shouldn't be acting like that... I'm not that with my ex and his girl and we have kids.. some baby mamas are just drama.. stay away.. you can find better. you don't need that disrespect from either one.

    • I been such a fool but I thought he loved me, now I know better. I will move on... God knows I can't take no more heart brake. He has never respected me anyway, he mental abuse was over the top. Thank you so much. I'm feeling a little better!

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