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So me and my ex broke up I did all the begging and all that crap then she just wanted to be friends I told her I can't do that so we shouldn't talk anymore. We'll a week goes by she text me saying she had mail for me I didn't text back and text her bro asking him to bring it to me. Then she post somthing on Instagram saying like let the past go so you can't have what's waiting for you in the future. I'm not her friend on there but I think she wanted me to see it. Then a friend on mine tells me every time me and my ex stops talking she likes all her post I guess to try and let me see that's she's liking it idk. So is she just mad I'm not talking to her and thinks I'm moving on?


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  • sounds like you got a bad case of jealous ex.
    she wanted space so she broke it off then wanted you back however you didn't and now she's playing im better off without you anyways card when clearly she's dying inside.. been there done that

    • I agree.. just don't contact her haha.. people like what they can't have

    • This may sound bad but I just want her to hurt and miss me like I do

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