Does this sound like it was love?


Generally speaking..
I don't miss people..
I don't believe in love..
Well, what passes as love..

But lately..
I've been thinking about you..
More then I really care to admit..
More then I should..

It's like..
I'm stuck on you..
I pushed you away..
But even now, I can't let go..

Wrecking Ball..
On repeat..
Yeah, you'd roll your eyes at me..
But.. it fits..

I remember how you made me feel..
How no one has made me feel since..
Or if I'm being honest..
Before either..

I try to move on..
To get over you..
Forget you..
Give up on, us...

I drink to forget you..
But I always seem to find you..
In the bottom of the bottle..
With that look you always had..

I fuck around to forget you..
but it's always your touch I remember..
Your scent that I crave..
Your voice that I ache for..

I try and loose myself in music..
To distract me..
but so many artists..
Bring me back to you..

What do I have to do?
How do I get you back?
How can I let you go?
Where do I get the exorcism?

I'm tired of feeling like this..
I'm tired of feeling so alone..
I'm tired of missing you..
I'm tired of needing you..

I know I fucked us up..
I know that.
I own that.
Just tell me what do I have to do?


Most Helpful Guy

  • In the current moment my thoughts:

    The life is short and the time moves fast,
    But on certain occasions why the reverse happens,
    I liked someone and I don't know why,
    All the time I think about her.
    Days have gone by, now maybe years,
    And I have not seen her,
    But still there is no day when I miss her smile,
    The world has moved and I think I also have moved on,
    but why on certain occasions I still become sad and cry.

    I believed that there is no way and I will never get over this,
    I never let myself free, thinking that was the best for me,
    She is someone who the world has chosen for me,
    And after giving me the best moments of my life taken it back,
    I urge to go back to that time but no I can't.

    I believe my future will be

    I love her and I won't forget her but I want to allow myself to open up again,
    The life is beautiful and one day I will find someone,
    I will give myself the chance again to again feel love,
    And get over my past.
    This time the love would be even better and my feelings more divine,
    And what I think was never possible will be reality,
    And that is not far and that makes me happy again.


Most Helpful Girl

  • it sounds like love. you try to stop thinking about the person, but it's like trying to sever yourself from your own shadow. it's futile.


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  • Yep.
    Emotions running high.
    Higher than a kite.
    The sky's blue
    But you're not laying in its clouds
    I no longer see your heavenly body
    Your divine presence is no longer here
    I miss my Eve
    She ate the apple
    And didn't leave me a single bite to savor
    Now all I have is these fucking memories
    Of what we once had
    Nothing tangible for me to grasp
    Where has the love gone
    Where have I gone wrong...

  • I don't mean to be harsh if I sound so, please forgive me. I'm merely attempting to put in words what I perceive
    1. One apart from the way you express, if you were a guy you'd make at least one woman be on top of the world
    2. This sounds like
    2.1. guilt
    2.2. missing someone
    2.3. confusion within
    3. Out of this one can't decipher love but fro 2.1. to 2.3. for sure
    4. Love is a lot more than what is this way young lady :-)
    5. Love in any from - true love is beyond self always. It never takes you down even when left alone, it always makes you rise and a better person out of you :-)
    6. There is no past tense to loving someone, either you always will or your never did - hence, there is no getting over it too :-)

  • Y'all broke up?


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