Husband thinks my feelings are dumb. What can I do?

I would hate living the next 20 years knowing I'm meaningless to him. I expressed my pain of his disrespect and to him I looked like a phsycho that blew up for no reason. Im holding a grudge since he's not budging with changing or even realizing his mistakes. He thinks everything is fine and even TRIES to have sex! There is no cooperation with therapy, discussing it civilly, he just flat out does not take me serious. I can't do this. Should I have hope or call it quits?
I also wanted to google something today and when I typed s an old search this came up: so your husband is cheating on you. The only people who use my phone is myself, my husband and his brother. Weird right?


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  • Yup. Divorce time. If he doesn't respect you, he doesn't respect the marriage.


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  • What was the issue?

    • He made a decision to have his brother move in. (Who I don't like) and he failed to discuss it with me. The brother just showed up on my doorstep. His timeline was that of a week. 3weeks have passed and when I ask if there was a new arrangement he gets annoyed and talks shit to me. I then blew up and told him how disrespectful he is, treats me like a child, regulates who can or can't be my friend, hates that I spend time with siblings, hates me going to church. There's sooo much and this lack of communication and respect is becoming the end of things. I bottle so much but when I finally express my self he says he doesn't care. I have suggested methods of reconciliation but he refuses. He would rather play video games and ignore me and my children. He literally googled "why does my wife want to fight about dumb shit". I was appalled.

    • Sounds like it is about done

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  • Whats the whole issue though... its kinda hard to answer without more info

    • I explained to a fellow answerer if you don't mind rereading that I would really appreciate it.

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    • I wanted to make sure I don't want to take drastic measures while upset.

    • I read this thing that said to wait 24 hours after a disagreement and if it still upsets you then you should bring it up... but it seems like this has happened before and your whole marriage has been like this. If I t were me, I'd be at the end of my rope

  • I would call it quits.


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