What's up with his attitude does it mean anything? Or is he just playing games?

Well my ex boyfriend is sending me random "Hi's" on Facebook for the pass month and every time, I answer to his message, he just reads it and sometimes he replies back and other times he doesn't. I mean what is the deal?

Also what I've notice is that he always messages me @ the same day of the week and @ the same time, what is this?

We are not friends or foes, so


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  • I wouldn't read too much into it. He just want to see if you will still reply. Keeping his options open. It's probably best just to ignore them from now on.

    • What do you mean by " keep his options open"?

    • That he wants to see if your still interest in him. Keeping you open as a potential hook up, which is why I think you should ignore them from now on. It just sounds like stupid games.

    • Well as much as I hate to admit it, but you are right. Thanks for the advice ;)

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