Is it bad to just completely blocked an ex out entirely even if they haven't done anything wrong?

So the way I see things is that if a relationship is over it's over. There's no second chances, no trying to be friends, and no contact whatsoever. Even it things ending of a good note I still feel like then is not need to have any contact at all. I was talking with a friend earlier and he said I probably take it a bit too far. I'm not sure if I do or don't this is just my natural reaction to the end or a relationship. Whether I was dumped or was the one that did the dumping I still feel the same.


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  • Have you contacted her yet? if you completely blocked her out, she must feel so hurt! I'm going through this right now.. they have blocked me out from everything.
    From a females perspective, in my mind i think, woah.. was it that easy for him to remove me from his life? did he not care for me one bit? is this a selfish move?
    Im sorry to say this but it is a harsh thing to do, it kills the females mind.
    As you would know us females are the emotional ones, so if you were to go out with her then block her out immediately it would make her overthink and not bring any good. The silence can heal things but please don't try to completely remove her, especially if they have not done anything wrong.
    How long were you guys together for?

    • No I haven't. We dated for a bit over 7 months and broke up a little over two months ago.

    • Did you block her right away? ..
      Because right now you would think blocking her out is going to help you and her move on but 2 months later your still in thought of her. If you realised you didn't have any feelings for her just make her feel comfortable rather than neglected and completely put off. It's the best for both, you won't feel bad and she won't feel rejected.

    • I'm also recovering from a break up of 7 months, most likely she's probably moved on in the 2 months. Good Luck!

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  • If that's your feeling then go with it.

  • That's your right but it's kinda mean lol

    • May I ask how?

    • If she didn't do anything bad you shouldn't just shut her out especially depending on how long you were together.

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