Would it be weird to invite my ex somewhere?

well my friends and I are gonna go somewhere and we have an extra ticket, and i know my ex would love to go (he talked about it all the time while we were dating) and we are on pretty good terms now. i still have feelings for him but they aren't too extreme
would it be weird for me to invite him? i think he'd have fun and we'd all have a good time. its not a date because it isn't 1 on 1.


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  • well maybe this little trip can start to bring back old feelings.. that can happen unexpected sometimes... my friend once invited her ex to a concert because my cousin couldnt attend and we needed to do something with her ticket , and before i knew it they were in the car kissing after the concert on the way home... she said it was unexpected feelings... but everyones different... i mean if you can find someone else maybe a friend youd like to get to know better or dont see very often then i think you should consider that first. he should be your last choice

    • Yeah i've asked around and nobody else has time.
      I'm still kinda into him and wouldn't mind getting him back though, i think he's interested too. i was thinking maybe this could help us out, because the breakup was a rash decision

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    • ohokay well if you guys want to get back together then yeah why not

    • ok :) thank you for the advice!!

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