When do you know you have grown apart from your partner?

I have a 15 year age difference with my wife. When I was in my 20's and 30's and she was in her 30's and 40's our energy and vision matched up well. Now that I am in my early 40's and she is in her late 50's our energy and enthusiasm for life has really changed.
We generally get along, just don't have as much in common any longer. I never thought I would consider divorce, however life is short. Do you stay with someone and a life which is predictable, or do you consider the unknown?


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  • You seems to be in the period of midlife crisis. As a young woman who likes to be with older or much older man I can see the pattern of men around your age to let their head and heart to stray from their marriage no matter how old their wife are. It can start in their late 30s and last until their late 40s - but it will pass.

    I understand that you want a more exciting life, but, I repeat, it will pass. And when it finally over, you might be thankful to have someone that will be waiting for you at home with a predictable life you have been so familiar with.

    So, to answer your question: I will stay in the predictable life, but I will talk to my partner about wanting more excitement and share the experience with him. But, I am a woman, our number one need is to be loved and to feel secure, so you might need to check with the guys.

    Good luck!


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