Should I ignore my Ex girlfriends phone calls?

I have been with her for 2 years and just yesterday I broke up with her because she decided to be with her pot head friends instead of following through with me and her plan of being together and spending the night together. I was raging when she told me the plans were changed because her and her female friend were going to hang out. So I exploded and told her how i felt about being option number 3, so weed, friends, then Brandon. I tried to talk to her and I told her I'm not gonna beg you to be with me. We argued for hours and finally I called her up and told her were over and it is best if we just move on and loose contact with each other. So after listening to her begging me to stay with her and her telling me she will change. I simply said loose my number and go enjoy life and move on. She keeps calling and texting me, I have ignored everyone of them besides the early morning call where she called to see if I was ok, I replied yea im fine Girlfriend: lets work this out. Me: no it can't work. Girlfiend: can we at least be friends because I dont want to lose you. Me: no we can't be friends because it will cause me problems. Me: I shouldn't be the last option on your list. So as much as i hate being a dick I have ignored all of her calls and officially ended it with her. Now I love her so much but what she did to me kinda hurt because I felt like nothing but a back burner option. Despite all of this crap I still want her back but I am trying to teach her a lesson. I am confused about everything and really want us to work it out but I am tired of trying. I told her to lose all contact and to move on and she keeps calling me! I dont understand why!
you all have good points, so maybe I'm wrong or maybe I'm right for doing what I did. I might be a dumb ass but I tell you what enough is a enough and if I was to take her shit all the time I would be a big O dumb ass without a spine thats whipped
I ignored her for 3 days and it showed her that she better straighten up or get gone and lose me. We are working things out now so I think things will be ok. Thank you all even though the answers were conflicting. they all were good.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Lol! You're so immature! You tell her to lose your number and to move on. She doesn't want to because she loves you. If you truly loved her you wouldn't want her to go through with suffering or getting hurt. You should be more understanding! In my opinion you're not a good boyfriend. She's also not a good girlfriend if she is putting your time aside sometimes but maybe there's a reason, like she's so busy. Look honey, if she really didn't care about you (like you said she's pushing you to the side), her actions would have showed it! Like you're so stupid for not realizing that this girl doesn't want to let you go!

    • Hint: If she really didn't care you would hear crickets in your surroundings, not her texting you constantly, crying, begging for your relationship to work. Get a clue.

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  • Nope, just ignore it, and move on without her. You made a good choice to leave her as she couldn't get her act together. Now find someone worth your time.


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  • So maybe she realize she screwed up. Yes she was in the wrong but now the balls in your court. You can either a. Ignore it move on , or b. Realize that relationships take work and hear to see if she's will try to and work things out.

  • You're a dumb ass. Why in the hell would you tell her you wanna break up when you don't. Are you even human? You want to teach her a lesson, O what now you're her teacher? I mean really, you need to get up off your ass and call this girl and tell her that you're sorry for bring a jerk. Stop wasting freaking time... CALL HER! Work that other crap out.


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  • Dude get rid of her. For one it she is choosing weed over you then she clearly not right for you. Block her and never contact her again.


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