I dont have a day off and the person I want to talk to only has one day off. how do I tell him I want to task without burdening our schedules?


seriously i have NO idea how to do this. I've thought it over for a full hour and i can't sort it out...

plus my schedule is always changes so i can't even say this is where ill be at why time.

i really want to have ash in depth talk about a logy opt stuff but i dint want to do i lats minute bc i dont want to forget things and have to drag it out to another time.

we live close by but might as well not bc i dont know how to arrange seeing him. I'm not around when he jus and vice versa..

maybe I should just write it in a letter? then if he wants to follow up he can figure it out. i dint want to feel like I'm being a nuisance. but i want to have the space to be very clear.

i rejected him inadvertently a while back due to -life... id like to make amends and let him know i still like him but more importantly it wasn't his fault. OR just that it wasn't his fault.

not sure... I'm actually a bit nervous to say i still like him -though i DO A ton! - bc I don't know if I'm ready for anything. what if he stroll likes me and thinks i mean i want him back... is saying i still like him saying i want to try again or is it just saying it. i just want toy say it without expectations from him.. is that possible?

is it insulting.

ugh. help?


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  • Communicate it in a way similar as to what you did above. Email him or text him. Sure you work 7 days a week. That is not good, you will eventually burn out. Anyways, tell him that your schedule is "fluid" and that you would like to talk to him. Tell him what times/days you have available. Seriously work is what 7-12 hours per day, that leaves a lot of time to meet up with someone to talk or call them on the phone. Something else might have to take a back burner (other then work) if you want to do this, then it shouldn't matter.

    • hm, thanks.

      problem is we have opposite schedules so it really can beg difficult but you're right id just have to set something aside i can do that once but he'd need to let men know when he's free bc id have to literally move something. my time is full. i can free up time but if I don't know in advance then i can't do it.

      like what if i tell him the time i can make free? then he'd just have to pick. that way no one is stuck with a bad time?
      i saw that movie - did you? lol

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  • If you're not actually wanting to be with him now and trying to be with him now, don't tell him you like him. It will do nothing but give false hope. Unless you're MAKING something happen, keep that to yourself for now. It's cruel to tell someone, "I like you but no, we can't be together."

    What are you hoping to accomplish with the conversation?

    • well i hurt him and i was confiding and i want him to understand why i did what i did so we can sat art over-if he's ok with that-or so that i can move on. I also want to start over on my own and i think explaining myself and acknowledging what i did wrong will help me do that. i guess it'd be selfish opt me to bring anything up if i thought he wanted to be with me and i definitely didn't want to be with him. but I'm not sure he does and I'm not sure i dont. so i guess i though a good compromise is to just explain/ apologize and see how he feels. and i guess as you say i should hold off on saying how i feel.

      you made some good points. it would not have occurred to me that telling someone you like them idscriel if you're not sure you want to be with them, bc to me how i feel is just a step its not a conclusion. it helps you figure out what to do but doesn't tell you. if someone told me they liked me i would take it as one piece of information.

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    • Of course... and yes, please do!
      Good luck!!

    • ;-))

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