How long to date after a beak up?

My relationship was 3 months and we saw each other a LOT.

I broke up because I felt I could not trust him anymore and I felt he was being disrespectful.

He started off very sweet so I feel sad. I feel tricked and let down. It makes me feel like I need some "me time" to make myself feel happy and good again before I date. I feel low right now. I thought he was a gentleman and he was not.

My friends tell me to date again and just get out there for practice. But I feel sad and down. I feel like I need to make myself happy on my own two feet. Seeing the relationship deteriorate to the point that I didn't trust him and had to leave-was quite devastating, even though I was the one who ended it!

I was supposed to have a potential blind date tomorrow with a guy from online.

But I just don't feel ready yet. I want to cancel my date even. I need to take some serious "me" time for a few weeks.

Is this normal? Is it good to take a break after dating?

I love being with someone but right now the idea just makes me super sad.


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  • There's no single answer for this question. You date when you're READY to date. If you have to ask, you're not ready.


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