Can women admit finally that when they tell a guy that there is "no spark", she is LYING to him?

Women are more obsessed than men. If a men doesn't act sexual early on, and is RESPECTFUL, and waits to kiss her, not because he's "scared" but because waiting is the proper thing to do, the girl suddenly no longer sees the connection that there was, and sees nothing but friendship. If they aren't kissed by the end of the 2nd night, they feel rejected and pissed off, so they reject the guy by telling him they never felt anything and that their was "no spark".

ADMIT IT. You're crushed for a stupid reason, and end what would have been a great thing just because you didn't get what you want when you wanted it. The kiss isn't that big of a deal! Grow up.
Lol. I see a crazy feminist got butthurt here lol. "Stop ragging on women, we aren't all the same, but we are always right forever and always. All men are the same though."

YOU grow up, feminist.


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  • How about you grow up? You're the one ranting on a website and ragging on women.


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  • Yeah, agreed. 100%.

    If a guy acts fast, he is labeled a creep (unless he looks like Tom cruise or Bard Pitt). And if he takes it slow, he promptly gets friendzoned. Women, no one can understand them. And we men always get the short end of the stick, and made to feel embarrassed, insulted and humiliated for no fault of ours. its really tough being a man, because when it comes to dating, women call all the shots.


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  • Oh, totally. I lost a chance with a really cute, fun girl when I was a teenager because I believed all that shit about being respectful and not trying to be sexual with a girl early on.


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