Is this normal or am I being put back at an even further distance?

I had the weirdest time with my ex the other day. We broke up a little over a week ago, we are just now seeing each other's faces. We're trying to be friends which is fine. We got into a relationship without fully knowing the other person. He seems fine with walking around in only shorts around me. I went to his room and sat outside the door talking to him all normal like. We laughed he told me a lot of stuff like were getting to know each other more. I asked him if my jeans were too tight and he said "no, you're actually just really skinny". He was squatting down at this point and I turned to face him and pushed him over. He tried to pull me down, but stud up and pulled me up instead. He hesitated to poke me in the side, so I punched him in he gut and he hugged me... I sat down and he closed saying I have to change and I don't think you should see me naked...


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  • i'd say it's going to be a rocky road to recovery. but eventually you should feel close again.


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  • I wouldn't say most breakups are like that. In most cases, people break-up and then that's it. They may talk a little via text messaging, etc. or see each other face to face if they have to. I don't know many people who go to each other's houses though after breaking up. That's a bit awkward.

    Do you two still have feelings for each other? Because from the sounds of it, you were being playful and flirting a lot which is kind of odd if you just broke up. Of course, not all relationships are the same so they don't all end the same either.

    • I'm friend's with his sister and mom. I saw him today and it was the same way. I think he might still like me, but I'm kind of just chilling out.

    • Oh okay. Well yeah, I can understand how it could be awkward then since you're friends with both of his close family members. I guess you can't really avoid him then if you're at his house to see his sister or mom. Lol So yeah, I would just recommend playing it cool and trying not to act awkward about it because that will probably just make you feel more weird about it.

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