She still wants to be friends. Should I accept?

So there was this girl that lead me on for 6 months and constantly juggled me and her ex. In the end, she said that it's better to forget about her and to let go. I was hurt of course because she made it seem like we would be able to go out, but that wasn't the case. Afterwards, she and her ex went back out.

After a week, she tried contacting me through snapchat. I was happy, but after 3 days, I realized im just hurting myself so I decided to delete her and her ex, well now boyfriend, from all social medias. It hurt too much to see pictures of them together or of her. Also, I stopped texting her. All of this happened towards the end of June 2014. It is now the end of September 2014.

Three days ago, I was with a friend at a concert and I ran into her and her boyfriend. I just waved and that's it. A day after the concert, she randomly texted me and said that she missed me as a friend. I still have this huge gash in my heart and it still hurts so much to see her with him and I kind of hate her for leading me on for so long, but I also don't like being mean or anything.

Also, I might add that she's close to my circle of friends, which means that there's always a high chance when I hang out with them.

So my question is, should I talk to her again? As friends? Or should I wait a while longer? An explanation as to why or why not will greatly be appreciated. Thank you.
Also, I will add I still like her a lot. Not love, but I still like her.


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  • Don't do it... yet. Once you're certain that you have no feelings for her give it a shot and try to have a real friendship. But until then try distancing yourself from her. She isn't the one especially if she lead you on just to drop you on your ass for another guy. She's not worth you're feelings bro.


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  • If you end up Pushing that Perilous button, you will 'End' up probably regretting it again and so will Your-----Huge gash in my heart. She has this problem child pattern of coming and going with the same guy and although you share this 'circle of my friends,' she ends up Back Full 'Circle' To----I end up hurting myself. Case closed.
    Put her messages on Hold, Put Her on your pay no mind list. Block her number if you have to. This chapter in your life is a closed closure And Has been Complete, so why bring the ghost of yesterday back out of the closet, Only to rattle your chains again.
    And if you happen to see her in your circle of friends, treat her with a civil tongue, semi sweet, but Don't let her back Into your life In-------Harm's way. You would be making another 'Huge' mistake.
    She can't be trusted, she likes to keep you hanging in the eaves until she finds a purpose to take you down and string you along again. Don't fall for it... She's poison at its finest and meanest.
    Good luck. xx

  • I understand it hurts a lot to see her with her current boyfriend and it's normal to have that "hate". It seems like you're not completely ready to be her friend. But if it's important for you and you would actually like, then try to talk to her once again. I think you should do it very slowly, trusting her a lot in the beginning would be a big risk. During the first days, try to have small conversations with her and see how comfortable you are with that.

  • It seems like the girl wants to be friends but it all depends on how strong your feelings are for her still because you shouldn't be friends with her if it hurts you too much, just maybe slowly introduce yourself back in to the situation and see how you feel, if you are too bothered by talking to her then tell her and if she cares about you enough she will understand

  • No, you don't need her friendship

  • Depends on how you feel with her around you. Love or friend?
    But she's used to keep contacts with her exs and I don't know... Maybe you'll suffer again maybe she'll be the perfect friend to you :)
    Did I help?

    • I see her more than a friend, that's the problem.
      But yes, you did help. Thank you!

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  • No you shouldn't talk to her. Why would you want to be her bitch? Keep ignoring


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