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My ex bf and I are not together he broke up with me due to trust issues and has told me I've hurt him. I've shared how i feel about him but he says we are friends. However, we recently went to the movies and he kept putting his arm closer to mine and he said it was because he was cold. We than went to a store and as we walked through the aisles he wld come from behind and give me a hug. I than grabbed his hand and we wld hold hands but than he wld Want to show me something and let go. Than as we checked out he had bought some things as we walked out to our cars what he had bought was actually for me. He gave me a hug and I gave him a kiss on his cheek and we departed. Apart of me feels something good is coming out of this at the same time I'm worried about what if he will never commit to being my bf.. what do you'll think? What can I do or not do? Please help with any opinion *we were together for a yr


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  • It sounds like he's still interested in you. But please be careful and remember why you guys broke up, consider if he's really worth it. Hope this helped!! :)

    • Thank you for your advice we broke up because his ffriends told him I had a dating profile online but I had that even before I was with him when my ex found out he said i shldve tooken it off the moment I had him as my bf but to me out of sight out of mind.. he was so heartbroken since than when my guy friends wld randomly text he wld question who they were.. he really loved me but in his assumption i broke his heart.. but i swear I never cheated on him.. i think that's y he's afraid to commit like he still cares about me but he's afraid of getting hurt.. i want him to see tho I truly care and hope one day he will trust me but as described earlier him doing what he did recently to me is a big step but I dnt want to get my hopes to high

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