Would you split even before reaching your breaking point?

Always thought breaking up when one or the other cheats or does something terrible is bad, but of lately I've been thinking that's kind of the given, right? I mean, when the other one just gives you the reason to do it, you just do it. It sure hurts like hell but you do it.

Now what about if you're not there yet? Married for like 10 years and one day you realize there's something that's just no there anymore. You're just a good couple, great pals, moderate sex... but that's it? Would you wait till something explodes, if it ever does, or would you just get out of there?


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  • I got out of my 11 year marriage a few months back and I just had enough. It wasn't anything significant to make me pull the plug, it was the constant trying and it not getting anywhere. We fought all the time, called each other horrible names, went behind each other's backs, the sex was the usual. I felt the spark had been gone for some time and we were just dragging on what needed to end. Neither of us were happy and I had to be the one to break up

    • I guess that took a lot of guts. Congratulations on that, I can't imagine it's easy.

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  • If there is no spark in your relationship and your simply just waiting for something to explode, then i would just let it go because you've already given up on your relationship.

    • That is a good point, but maybe that's also a wake up call to actually do something about it right?

  • I'd try to fix or get back whatever is missing. I definitely believe that a couple can be happy together for decades.

  • Marriage is a vow, a promise, that is meant to be death till you part. I think that means that in the great times, you stay, and in the not so great times, you stay. You find happiness in the love you have and work to make it stronger. If she didn't cheat or didn't do anything wrong, I don't think you should just end it.


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