Have you ever felt worse about hurting your partner than ending the relationship?

I felt worse about hurting my ex boyfriend by leaving him than I did about ending the relationship. I felt like my emotional needs were not met.

But I could tell he was insecure and he had been hurt before. His self esteem was low and he seemed so lonely. Sometimes looking into his eyes I saw a sad and earnest look and it made me feel bad and want to comfort him.

What is wrong with me? Is this crazy? I did leave because he was acting selfish and I couldn't take it anymore. I am sad that our love died-but by the time I left the relationship I knew it was over. I am happy the relationship is done though because it had to end.


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  • Put yourself first and you'll be happy. I'm not saying to develop a huge ego, but what I am saying is to not worry about the other person and his feelings. We're men and we'll get over it. Whatever "it" was.

  • All dudes eventually get over it, because we all die eventually.

    And historically, some great pieces of art were only created to get through immense anguish and emotional pain. You may have just created the next Van Gogh.

    Keep putting good vibes into the universe and live a true life. Eventually everything will be as it should.


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