Is my wife lying about possible fling with my best friend? Help!

I been married for 20yrs. Last yr my best friend of 25yrs called & asked me if he could park his bike at my house for the weekend. I told him yes. I had just got off work & asked him what time he was gonna drop it off cuz i was busy helping another friend move & i was'nt home. He asked if my wife was home i told him yes but to wait till i finished what i was doing. He said o. k. & that he was'nt leaveing town till 2 more hrs. I told him that's how long i would probably take to finish helping my oher friend. He said for me just to call him as soon as i got done so he could meet me at my house to drop off his bike. I told him ok i will call you. Well 20mn. later he calls me back & asked me what was i doing & if i was still at my friends? It was odd to me cuz that was not like him to call me back after i just told him 20mn. ago the plan! I told him W. T. F. i just told you.. i will call you when i'm headed home. He laughed & said oh yea Ok call me. In the past 25yrs, He always called me when he was gonna come over just to make sure i would be home. Anyways i headed home 2hrs later and when i drove up at my house his bike was there already. That was also odd cuz he has never gone over when i'm not home. On top of that my wife of 20yrs. would always call me when anyone came by for me. ALWAYS! So that was the first time my best friend came over without me there & not calling me that he was going to my house already. My wife also was her first time not calling me to tell me! I walk in my house pissed cuz no call from either one. I asked my wife what my friends bike was doing there cuz she did'nt know. She said my friend came by and told her just to tell me he left his bike there. I asked her why did you not call me to tell me.. She said she thought i knew. He ain't answered my calls since & moved away!! INFEDELITY?
Quest. I asked my wife that day. 1. Why u let him in w/out me being here? Wife:He scared me cuz he just walked in without knocking.2. You ask him why he didn't knock? Wife:No cuz he was drunk & looked like he was high on something I was so scared!!
I thought he was gonna do something to me! 3. Why didn't you call me to come home if you were so scared of him? Wife: IDK!! 4. How long was he here? 15mn.


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  • Yeah dude chill he may be embarassed because he was all fucked up and feels ashamed of scareing your wife. I dont think she cheated dude.


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  • You're basing a frightful amount of conclusions on some very very flimsy evidence.


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  • Flirting with another person is not as serious as having sex outside the marriage. But you should always be sensitive to the feelings of your partner. If you can not handle this flirting behaviour, you should talk about this with your partner and seriously aask him to put an end to the flirting. If he does not do that, because he somehow thinks it is his right as a man to flirt with other women (?), you are in serious trouble and you both need relational therapy or a hacker (to verify your claim) to get your marriage or relationship on the rails again. we could provide you with full remote hack which would enable you to have unrestricted access to target's social media account, call log, text messages. All you need is to contact us at:REMOTEPAYLOADS@GMAIL. COM

  • That's a lot of conclusions you're jumping to.

  • A relationship is about trust, so trust your wife.


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