When is it the right time to break up?

My boyfriend and I have been together for four months. Things were great until about a month and a half ago. He has a baby mama that I haven't met and when she comes over I need to leave a few minutes before she gets there. He will still loan her money and by her weed, which I'm not comfortable with and have told him that. The last time we fought was because she was coming over and I didn't know. He went to give me a hug and I pushed him off and went away with out saying anything and burned rubber down his street. We've talked since then but yesterday I brought up that I missed kissing him and he replied "Well if you didn't push me off and leave " and I haven't heard anything since then. We were suppose to chill yesterday and he isn't talking to me. I have wicked bad anxiety and with the sh*t from his baby mama and us fighting I wonder if it's time to just break up. I hate not talking to him and it throws me into panic attacks when he ignores me.
Thanks everyone, he broke up with me, or we're taking "a break" but I think he lost me because I can't wait around for him forever.


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  • Its time!! If he can't even realize where your coming from then he will never get it! It sounds like your to mature for him anyways to have put up with him for this long nd him not even put his feet in your shoe to see how it feels or think about how it feels. How can he even be mad! u kno what im going to stop here cause its going to make me mad lol


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  • That is the sort of baggage I would stay away from. Since a child is involved, this other woman will always be in his life to some capacity and therefore, so will the awkwardness and stupidity of him buying her weed. Sounds like a destructive life to stay away from.

  • Kids are not baggage. The fact that he doesn't contact you is drama. I would leave him in an instant and not look back.


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