What could I do for my ex to believe me that I didn't try to talk to his cousin I mean why would I try to talk to his cousin when I was trying to get?

Back with him but he say we cool but not like we was I don't know what he mean about that do you think I should just give him space... please help


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  • I know how you feelin. My exes cousin had the nerve to tell my ex that me and him did this and that because I let him come over and chill one day. It sucks. I'm not sure what you could do. Why feel the need to prove yourself to a guy who doesn't trust you? If he trusted you he would've believed that you did nothing wrong with his cousin

  • It depends... how hot is his cousin? Just kidding! LOL
    Just tell him once that that's sickening, you don't like his family like that, and if he doesn't believe you then its HIS problem not yours. If he actually thinks you would go for a member of his family when you are with him then he has jealousy issues that stem farrrrr beyond the scope of reality.


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