How do I get over him, what he did, and our breakup?

At the beginning of July my (now ex) boyfriend went on a school partnership thing to India and was away for around 2 weeks, during that time I missed him immensely and felt as though the feelings were not reciprocated. However, when we both got back (I'd gone to a festival in belgium) he begged to see me the next day. We saw each other & it was fine, and then he made a stupid comment of which I got upset over & he got stressed over me getting upset and then the next day he called me up asking if what we had was good, that we should work on it and then if it doesn't start to feel better then we should break up. I agreed with him. Later that evening I went to meet a friend and then we ended up bumping into him and his friends and then I went and chilled with them - he was all over me by the end of the night and then came back to mine and spent the whole day with me. He went out that night and his now girlfriend was there, however, I wasn't. He proceeded then on the Friday to invite me round to stay the night, though he hardly touched me let alone kissed me, and broke up with me in his bed the next day. He then texted me later saying he still wanted to see me and didn't know if he'd made the right choice etc. Then the next day he called me and said it was all over. He went on holiday with some friends a couple of days later, and then had sex with a girl I know 4 days after we broke up. He then started talking to me normally again when he got back, without telling me. I then confronted him when I found out and he got very defensive etc. A couple of weeks later I saw him out and that girl was there and I played cool and ignored him and then he messaged me later on and wouldn't stop talking to me, always adding to the conversation so it would continue. Around 5 days later he refused to let me go to a gathering where him and his new girl would both be, no matter how amicable I had acted. The new girl went to India with him also & I don't quite know how to deal with it.
*He was away for 3 weeks not 2!


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  • Stop any communication with him. Don't talk to him, don't message him, don't text him, and don't hang out with anyone if you know he's going to be there. He fucked some other girl days after your breakup then he obviously doesn't love you. It's not easy getting over someone, but it's not impossible. Go out with friends have fun and love yourself. You'll find someone who will treat you right.


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