How do I leave my feelings behind for my Ex Even though I still love him?

I don't know how to leave him alone!
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  • Think of all the bad he has done to me
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Most Helpful Guy

  • This is the down side of going out with someone from work. Being in the same environment with him muddies the waters. I wouldn't recommend getting too close with another guy just yet. Strike up new friendships definitely. Heart-break is like breaking a bone and you need time to move on. What you should be doing is learning everything about yourself. Understanding what you want from a relationship and what boundaries you need to set up for the next one. Don't just forget about it or ignore it.

    You said in one of your comments that you are afraid to love. So most importantly you need to learn how to be a rock emotionally. You have to become grounded in who you are as a person and never let anyone no matter how close they get shake it. Accept that you may get hurt again and that is just apart of life. I mean how could you ever appreciate love if you had never experienced heartbreak. They are two sides of the same coin.

    So don't be afraid to let someone it. Just don't do it frivolously, make sure their worth it first.


Most Helpful Girl

  • From what I am reading, SheCute, you are Together Still like two birds of a feather because you are in this Job corps with him every day. That in itself is hard to move on And even Harder to move away from because you're joining forces here. And with the war wounds perhaps still fresh, not quite licked, it may also be Yet War of the Roses in your own heart, mind and soul For------I still love him. That's got to be tough.
    The most you can do for now is just go through the motions of when you are There together. That part won't change right now, however, after the day is over, just go about your business, go home and find things either inside or outside the house to take your mind off him and do some soul searching of how to be strong again for You.
    However, there is no rule of thumb or any Law that says you both can't be civil, just be casual. Perhaps with That, at least it would Begin your Beguine to at least find peace within yourself, a closure to close the chapter of being this cozy couple in a nest, and help you Better to find yourself again. And thinking of the bad that may have caused you both to break up helps in forgetting what is Now better for you and him.
    Maybe by at least Facing the music and being lite and semi sweet with one another, you can keep the peace and the peace of mind at least for now.
    If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, they say...
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you so much that is what I truly needed to read. someone like you should be here ahha

    • You're so welcome... I know how hard it is, and constant face to face is the hardest thing.. No contact would be a gift of God, but perhaps there is a reason God has brought you to the Job Corps together... I guess in time you'll find out... xx

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What Guys Said 2

  • You go no contact and everyday you are further distancing yourself. Everyday is an improvement as you slowly move on. Improve yourself so you can be even better for the next person. Do what you love talk to supportive friends and ball your eyes out. You will slowly but surely move on. I am a testament that it will get better.

  • Million dollar question we all ask this at least once every year!!! Lol
    Ignore everything the best cure is time, next month today you'll forget all about him.

    • Haha I wish i'm stuck in job corps with him every flippin day

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    • Lol Attagirl !!! Joke aside, just give it time, I know what your going thro, don't "try" to find someone else cause then you'll try to compare him with your ex, thats not nice but keep your eyes open for other guys who might be interested in you. Befriend a few guys and have fun then eventually chose one when th skies are clear. Good luck !!! :)

    • Thanks dude it always sounds better when its coming from a man. Have a good day dude.

What Girls Said 2

  • With time. Personally, I think all the options you listed above are ridiculous, It is not going to make you feel any better, just worse. Just avoid him, remove all communication with him (contact number, Facebook, etc.)
    and go for some jogs, preferably in the evening. Don't keep yourself in the house, it makes you gain weight and you fall into more depression.

    • I'm not depressed at all.. haha im stuck in job corps with him all day so those are the reason I put those options baby girl.. Know the situation first before thinking stuff is ridiculous

  • get a new love interest


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