Do ex gf think about you?

We've been in no contact for 2 weeks after I told her we couldn't be friends it was to hard for me. She tried to text me saying I had some mail but I didn't text back. This no contact thing is hard. Do you think she misses or thinks of me?


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  • Yeah she thinks of you and she probably misses you. Depends on the reason why you broke up though. I recommend you to make up your mind, if you don't think there is a possibility to be back together, forget about her and move on. If you want her back, think about why you guys broke up and think if there is anyway you can fix it. I am in a similar situation, it's hard to be friends but it's even harder too accept that he/she is gone. But I tell you something, if she doesn't love you and you can't be just friends with her, there is nothing you can do. You gotta move on even if it's painful, or it will hurt you so badly. Speak to her if you're not sure about her feelings.

    • It's a long story why we broke up but no cheating nothing like that we ended on good terms and I think we are both moving on with our lives , just wanted to see if she missed me or not

    • then yeah i think she misses you:) but as you said she's moving on with her life

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  • If you are thinking of her you can assume she is as well. But if you are broken up does this really matter, if you broke up and went as far to say not to be friends or in contact it was for a reason. Stick to your guns, she will move on as will you. But if you don't and she does it'll hurt like hell you don't want that.
    Hope this helps


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  • It depends on how long you were dating. If it was over 2-3 months she probably still thinks of you and misses you but since you are giving her the cold shoulder she thunks you hate her. She texted you once hoping to get a response and to become friends but then you didn't answer and broke her heart even more. The way you talk about it makes it seem that you care for her. More likely than not she thinks about you the same way.

    • She broke up with me after a year and a half and wouldn't give me a 2nd chance

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