So my ex gf's sister is going to be entering the bar scene here just turned of age?

I'm just sort of wondering how to address this , she's not actually new to the bar scene itself as she worked at a local pub that i go to a lot as a server before but was not old enough to drink yet but she recently turned of age and is going to be hitting up the bars now. me and the sister have sort of an odd relationship and at times got along but then others she doesn't even talk to me for long periods such as when she's away at school. we live in a very small town so saw a lot more of each other during summer when she was around.

but anyways its going to be Thanksgiving weekend here soon in Canada its in 2 weeks and I expect to see them both at local bars and not really sure what to say if anything? the sister in the past has though I checked her out and I could see that being an issue if I was to see her at a bar. and fact she also works at a local bar I could see that being an issue if anything bad was to happen more people find out and I could get into trouble at place she works at.

and to add things with me and the ex ended rather badly so she might still have an axe to grind as they say if I see them that weekend , I haven't talked to either of them since the summer as they've been at school


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  • just do that head nod of acknowledgement and keep it moving

    more than likely she won't hook up with you, family bonds are more important than sleazy guys. I wouldn't even entertain a guy who dated a family member much less my sister


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  • What's to address?

    Sounds like you want to hit it with your ex's sister? And? If you can, you can. Not sure that's a good idea, but there ain't no law against it. It'll probably burn bridges with your ex if you do, and it won't make for a good LTR with the sister - since it'll be difficult to be with that family in those circumstances.

    But if the sis is down, you could hit it.

    • its kind of a weird situation , I've also meet a number of the sisters gf's this year as they started to become old enough to go to bars and hit it off with a couple of them but didn't date any of them yet. so worried now that sister is going to be around them too things might get weird or she might be type to try and ruin things or any chance I have with those other girls.

    • She might. Nothing you can do about it, except be honest, nor shady or creepy. If people want to listen to gossip, instead of look at facts - there's nothing you can do about it, unless she's slandering you, and you can prove it - which means evidence and hauling people into court.

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  • I personally feel that close relatives and best friends of exes are off limits. So no you should not hit on your exe's sister.


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