Does waiting until marriage to have sex reduce the chance of a breakup in a relationship?

I wonder if there's any relationship between premarital sex and likelihood of breaking up in a relationship.


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  • i am going to wait, and this is my view on it.

    it's not necessarily that it reduces the chance of breakup, because plenty of couples who have premarital sex have lasted.
    what i reckon is that waiting to have sex after marriage enhances the amount of respect, communication, trust, loyalty and REAL love in a relationship. notice how so many people cheat? it's because that foundation was never laid out. notice how couples fight over stupid things like money? it's because there's no trust and communication.

    one simply cannot experience real love without a foundation. if anyone thinks so, they are fooling themselves by depending on pure lust.


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  • nah not really. well you could have some problems related to your sex life that influence the relationship, but that 'risk' is always going to be there if you have sex, even if you are married.
    one thing i tell you, a break up is WAY much harder if you have had sex with that person, mostly if he/she was the first one, it creates a bond that is super painful to break.


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  • It only increases the chance to break up both before and after marriage.

    Before the marriage a guy can go to the boiling point where he's sick and tired of waiting, starts to look at other women, gets jealous that all of his male friends are getting laid while he's banging his right hand while having a girlfriend etc.
    After the marriage you may find yourself to be just sexually incompatible with your partner. So now you want to get a divorce? HALF.

    • Actually, I am the one that wants to wait. And I don't believe in the whole "test drive" argument.

  • I would imagine not. I think the leading causes of divorce are Infidelity, Financial Issues, and General Incompatibility. They don't really seem all that related to the whole "premarital sex" dilemna.


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