Friend zoned or connection beyond?

To make this short as possible help me find out if there cld be more: ex broke up with me 3 mths ago, still never fully left, have hugged and kissed before, he hugs me on his own, has told me I look pretty today or how he likes my blouse, walks me to my car, recently hung out he was touchy feely, spent the night together, have had sex before, we're together for a year before we broke up, broke up with me due to trust issues for the same reason why he says he cnt get with me right now because I hurt him and how we are friends, he recently bought me a small gift and surprised me with it, gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Someone please tell me am I really friend zoned as he says or do you'll think he's slowly coming around? Please help
He has gotten jealous before when he sees me talk to a guy but has told me just do whatever I dnt care. . If he didn't why get jealous


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  • I think he wants come around but his trust issues are in the way. It's obvious he likes you but just can't be with you at the moment because of the lack of trust. Give it time. In the meantime, find ways to earn his trust back.

    • In my heart I feel he still feels something there for me and it d so hard when I want to be with him so much but it's not easy to just like me like you said it may be his trust issues are what's getting in he way. Apart of me is scared he could be using me but who wld do what he's done if he's really just an ex or a "friend " as he says.. I don't know how to win his trust? Can you help me?

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