Does my ex want me back? He messaged me and said how many good times we had?

He messaged me a week after I broke up with him.

He wanted to just say hi and also then I told him how part of the reason I broke up (in addition to things he did wrong) was that I need to be more religious again and it is not his fault and not his problem.

He also said he had a great time with me and good memories. I said I agree I had a great time and will always have good memories of our relationship no matter what happens in the future.

What he did wrong was he was not open to talk about things in his past that were a big deal. And got defensive about it. I explained why it hurt me and he apologized and said he feels so bad he did not tell me things more up front.

He said he just wanted to make me happy and thought he was doing as much as he can right.


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What Guys Said 1

  • You broke up for a reason. Stick to your guns.

    Consider he behaved like he did for a reason. Maybe he has something to hide or something he's afraid or ashamed of?


What Girls Said 1

  • So you broke up with him partly because he wouldn't open up about certain things you felt you guys needed to discuss AND because you wanted to shift your focus to your religion more?

    If you feel you guys broke up for good reasons, then you should stick to that thinking.
    He clearly does want you back, he's missing you, and that's completely normal.
    However, just because he's wanting you back doesn't mean you have to go back... the choice is yours and you need to rethink your break up decision if you're considering getting back together.
    The whole "break up, get back together again, break up, get back together again" thing gets very old very quickly, so make your decision wisely and trying sticking to it when you REALLY feel you've made the right choice.


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