When can exes be friends?

My recent ex has been trying to talk to me again. We are not from the same religion but he knows I was born religious. During our relationship I realized I want to be more religious again and be with a religious guy. I broke up with him and that was one of the main reasons.

When I explained that he said he understands and is not surprised. But he is trying to talk to me a lot and says he enjoyed our time together. Does he want to be friends now or more?


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  • When both of you are over the relationship, neither of you has any thoughts of getting back together, and only if you both genuinely miss the friendship you had before, and can be mature about it and not bring the past relationship into the current friendship. You can't use stuff that went wrong in the relationship as grudge material or argument winning facts in this newly reformed friendship. You need to be capable of essentially erasing the romance from your memory when you hang out with them or it will always be a little awkward.

    • I still want to cuddle with him and kiss him... but I don't want to have sex and I don't want to marry him.

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    • I dumped him... I don't think being friends will hurt me because I still like him... and he is good to talk to. But if I am lonely and not dating someone it would be easy to fall back to him. Also he is like 13 years older so that's a problem in raising a family. And I want to get married soon and I do not think he is ready

    • I think you should take time away from him until you decide what you really want so that he doesn't get hurt waiting around.

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