What do you do when the person you love is killing you?

I married the love of my life and he doesn't care about me at all. I gave up everything for him, I left my life my family my friends back home moved across the work to be with him, I do everything for him and he doesn't care about me at all I have tried for 6 years to make it work but he just doesn't care at all he sees that he is hurting me and just ignored it. I need to leave but I can't go vs k home because of my kids. He is a lawyer and won't let me leave and if I do I have to leave my kids because he has threaten to take my kids it wouldn't be so bad but he is friends with all the judges in our town and I can't leave but if I did leave I wouldn't win against him I just don't know what to do anymore losing my kids would destroy me but staying is doing the same thing hoe do you pick between the two I can't pick between myself and my kids. I know it's awful to put it like that but the pain of it all is making me crazy I honestly don't see a away out.


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  • It is unlikely he would be able to take your kids. He is using terror to control you. At most he would get joint custody, and pay child support. He has a career, which means he can't be home with the kids. If anything he is more likely to lose the children than you are. The courts have it set up so that the main provider gets screwed in a divorce, because of situations like yours. Find a good divorce lawyer and talk to them. Make sure you ask them about finding judges that he isn't friends with, as that sounds like a conflict of interest. Lawyers get divorced so I would imagine a system already exists to make sure this conflict of interest won't be a problem.


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  • Leave. Even if it means leaving the kids. You need to get better before you can try to win them back. You're too emotionally battered to put up a decent fight now.


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