Ex seriously wants me to suffer! HELP!

Ex dumped me after 6 years of being together, 2 weeks later surprise he has someone new! Which I have totally accepted and I have respected. He constantly bad mouths me on social media and rubs this new person in my face like it's so constant I'm trying to better myself and focus on myself and moving on and this just feels like a blow to my face. I have never responded to his comments about me or have ever posted anything bad about him or his new girl. I have seriously told everyone who asks me how I feel about it that I wish him happiness and her as well that i wish them both happiness. He has changed everything about himself including his best friends he pretty much dumped us all. I really have kept quiet and not really expressed how I feel about him attacking me or putting me down on social media but this is getting a little too much and too painful. I haven't been snooping through his things we seriously have so many mutual friends and my friends tell me which I just asked them to not tell me anything else. I really wanna get better an get over this the right way it just seems like this puts a hault on me. It's very painful it's very real it was 6 years he could at least respect what we once had and not talk about me it's only been about 2 months since we broke up. why does he feel the need to bring me up and show his new girl around if he's so happy now? (no I did not cheat or do anything to deserve this behavior)


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  • He is such a motherfucker seriously u should delete him from all the contacts with you he doesn't deserve to be part of your life


What Girls Said 1

  • He's not over you, he's immature and a dick. There's nothing you should do. He makes himself look like an ass by continuing to mention your name when you're already over and he has someone new. Let him look like a dumb ass and just completely ignore him. You'll look as though you moved on if you haven't and he will look like he's a dumbass pussy bitch...

    • From what I read you are doing very very awesome so far, jus do you and when a guy who knows what he wants comes along you will meet someone who will treat you right even when things go wrong.

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