Serious question im in deep shit?

ok so I've been wanting to be a player for a while and I've finally done it girls always say im good at pickin them up and if im a player but i lie i noo u might be sayin ur under 18 can't be a player but i am if i see a girl i can promise u i can get her as my gf but I've talked to this girl and she has problems her mom treats her like shit her dad is a druggy that ran away she is emotionally fucked I've recently got some warmth in my heart after i met the perfect girl and the girl that is perf is now my gf aswell as the fucked up one but i only want the perf girl noone else so how am i gonna break up wiith a girl that thinks im the only reason she wakes up in the morning tbh i use her only cuz she sends me nudes when i want them soo what do i do i dont want to make a girl kill herself or hurt her how do i end it and be with my perf girl?
my friends say i should keep it in the dark for her protection


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  • With being a 'Player,' there is always a Price to pay, which you will Learn as you Continue down the Yellow brick Road to Rendezvous Romances. But in turn, Making someone else 'Pay' for your Heartless mistakes will one day catch up to you And end up to Be The-----Death of you.
    I say this with wisdom, sweetie, for being in the Outfield as you are beginning your beguine now, Obsessed with being in this Fantasy female world, that being an octopussy will lead to being red handed, and one day no nice girl will want That for Her-----Life's treasure. One of your own high prices you may have to pay for.
    Someone who has found you to lean on, be her life support and with all of her own Frick and Frack issues, is sadly going to have to pay the biggest price of all because you have lead her on and Now----You have to let her down to sink to the bottom of the deep 'blue' sea.
    With this 'perf girl' who is not 'Perfect' in mind, however with body and soul, you will have to explain to her light and sweet that you feel you both are moving too fast, that you need to slow down, that you are really not ready for a real relationship at this point and time and you think it would be best if you both didn't see one another for awhile. That will get you off the hook, however, Break her heart, hook, line and sinker.
    You could block her from your cell if you find she is tugging on your own heart strings, but getting a good nite sleep, for I am sure you won't lose much sleep over, with plenty of fish out there in the sea. And having 'use her' with only leftover visions of her sugar plums that are dancing in your head, you'll move on to another catch of the day, I am sure.
    However, one day you may snag Your 'Perfect girl,' realizing that you are Not in Oz anymore, you will be asking yourself Then: There's no place like home... With the Catch of a lifetime, the girl of my dreams.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you for letting me help you with this... Life's little lessons in love and maybe war with yourself, but a lesson to have learned... xx

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  • Maybe if you gave a care about how you treat women in the first place, you wouldn't be in this mess. You're not cool for using women. Anyway, there's not much you can do other than letting her down easy. Hopefully you learn a lesson from this. Girls were not put on this earth to be playthings.

    • srry all i wanted was to be good at somthing and i now am but it backfired

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    • okok

    • Alrighty, good luck with your endeavors.^.^

  • Karma got you good man haha well you sound like my friend.. Hisnin the same situation as you, and i fucking tell him all the freaking time "dude treat people the way you would want them to treat you back" and here comes miss "the one" and she is not interested in him.. I recommend you change your habits from here on in..

    • i will but its to the point i can't control it a lot im addicted like i honestly need real help

    • Start little and then grow. literally put yourself in the friendzone.. If your good at making yourself their bf, im pretty sure its not hard for you to friendzone yourself for them

    • i said i can't controll it the things role off my tongue

  • How about you tell her kindly and then stop all contact. You should have been friends with her only and from the jump explain what you wanted. Next time just be honest because karma is a bitch

    • i can't be just friends with a girl its... too hard

    • Well make sure you are looking at them different like a sister. Is that hard? No. You shouldn't mistreat people because one day someone will do the same to you and you will see how is feels.

    • its already happened tbh i do this because im too scared of it happening again but the more i have the less i care

  • How about you try being honest with everyon involved. Then stop being a player!

    • i can't come clean ill lose everyone and ill be alone again ill just tell the one girl

  • My ex was a player took me a while to realize that, don't play with a girl's feelings please. If you are going to be a player then maybe you aren't ready for a relationship. Young women are not play toys whatsoever we have feelings. I can't stand it when young men lead women on and then break up with them right out of the blue I just never understood it. My ex was like afraid of commitment and didn't know what the heck a relationship was or even how to do his part. Once you get the perf girl don't play with her feelings treat her right like the way she is supposed to be treated don't treat her like a dog.

    • i thought it was cool to be a player thats y and ill try thank you

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    • i ended it but now she wants to kill hersel now im worried pls help fast no joke im never goonna play again :'(

    • Good you ended it, please don't do it again, message me if you can please

  • I got played many times till the point I ended up killing my heart and close the doors, I can't be opened up for anyone or love anyone so please don't do that to her playing with girls feelings isn't funny you my make her lost her soul and become evil to any men she saw or date after you.. don't be that Evil every girl has right to love and be loved not to play with.. please don't hurt her..

    • what do i do!!!

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    • :( why :(

    • i dont think it can work i was in the player mind set when i started it

  • Wow. I hate boys like you, and I'm saying "boy" because what you have done is incredibly immature, and not only that, it's hurtful as well! You want to be a player, hey? What the fuck, kid! You're a real jackass, you may get girls now, but once you're 20, you'll be wishing you'd been different when I can't find yourself a decent girlfriend. Girls are NOT play things. Maybe think about how you'd feel before making some else feel like that. Boys like you need some real growing up, and a good ass kicking.

    • i said sorry wtf

    • Say sorry to both of them.

    • ill say srry to one cuz i can't lose the other

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  • I would stick with the girl. It is the least you can do for using her for nudes you fucking twat

  • I'm not gonna say "you suck" but I don't like a whole lot about your view of dating. Like really, "picking them up"? "Use her for nudes"?

    Alright, I'm done ranting.

    Tell the perfect girl first about this situation. Then if she stays with you then I guess she's decided you're worth being with.

    I'd say stay with the other girl though. I mean, she's got some issues that'll be hard for her and you to deal with but if she only wakes up in the morning for you then she must really like you. Show her you appreciate her and do something special for her.

    • but i honestly dont connect with her but i want the other i can't lose the other ill get destroyed so do i slowly just stop talking to the other

    • and i became a player cuz i thought it was cool why do i suck

    • I don't know, I personally just don't like it that much. Don't take it the wrong way. I think of dating as an important thing and I don't go out and start collecting tally marks or whatever, it's only when I feel really strongly about a girl. I've never had a girlfriend before because I'm so deliberate and I want it to be right for both of us first.

      I don't know about breaking up though, for your situation I don't know how to go about it. It seems like it'd be really hard to do it without hurting her at all like you said you want to avoid doing.

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