I was faithful and I don't understand why this all happen?

He and I were dating for five years. The night before we were cool and getting along fine. The next day he change his Facebook, Yahoo password on me. While we still Facebook friends he change his relationship status to single and I didn't get a reason why. So I befriend him on Facebook and ignore him for a whole week. When my birthday comes he doesn't say anything. The next day around noon he sends me a text saying Happy birthday baby, I am sorry I missed it my mother was in the hospital. So I said him okay, God bless her and hope she feels better. So the next day we talk again. Then the day after he sends a text saying he loves me and everything. I respond back. Then the following day I said to him why are you telling me you love me but online accounts say single. What is your status? Like what do you want? Stop playing games and tell the truth. He never responds and its been 2 months. I found out from a family friend he's been online posting quote images directed toward me about love, ex's, friends and all these different women from all over the world are replying. So I told the friend I didn't care and that he broke up with me and that's his problem now. So I don't contact him and his birthday is coming up I won't say nothing. I will just continue to move on with life and try my best be happy.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Seems like he played you hard or he might have known/ heard something you don't know. Five years to end like that, that's pathetic of him and sad for you really. Hope he get's his karma soon!

    • I don't know what he heard because I was faithful. He was cheating on me and telling lies. So he played himself out of a good woman. He even had nerve contact me after blocking. Besides you reap what you sow

What Girls Said 1

  • It sounds like you to either moved apart or were never in a serious monogamous relationship. I think you are right to move on & forget about it. He already took 5 years of your life, don't let him waste anymore time.


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