Guys have you ever done this too an ex girlfriend and regretted it? Maybe wanted her bck?

My ex of 2 1/2 years told me he wasn't in love anymore that I deserved someome who could be here with me all the time... amd im afraid that he might not come bck...

Anyways guys if u have a story and it might give me some hope please share thanks


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  • I know this is directed for guys but I'm in this situation too a year and 1/2 with this person. But its vice versa. The thing about long relationships is that they always mean something and maybe your ex will come around eventually because you cannot go from loving someone to not. You'll always care for each other and even be friends if possible. But just give him his time and space because he will need time to reflect and see if it was a mistake or not.

    • Thank you I really appreciate it he's coming over so we can talk about it...:/ never think that id be able to say that im not so happy to see him... what do you think I should do or shouldn't do... things I should say? he said I deserve someone better... sounds to me he just wants an easy way out... right?

    • First you should ask yourself if you still feel something for him. So then you'll know what to say. But first hear what he has to say and whatever it is if you feel the same he does tell him the truth if you don't agree tell him the truth. (definitely was the easy way out).

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