GIRLS & BOYS... I need as much help as I can get PLS ANSWER ***?

so I've been wanting to be a player for a while and I've finally done it girls always say im good at pickin them up and if im a player but i lie i noo u might be sayin ur under 18 can't be a player but i am if i see a girl i can promise u i can get her as my gf but I've talked to this girl and she has problems her mom treats her like shit her dad is a druggy that ran away she is emotionally fucked I've recently got some warmth in my heart after i met the perfect girl and the girl that is perf is now my gf aswell as the fucked up one but i only want the perf girl noone else so how am i gonna break up wiith a girl that thinks im the only reason she wakes up in the morning tbh i use her only cuz she sends me nudes when i want them soo what do i do i dont want to make a girl kill herself or hurt her how do i end it and be with my perf girl?


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  • Now you know the dangers of being a player. When you do things like that things like this can happen. Tell her you don't think a relationship would be appropriate at this stage in your life but you still want to be friends to support her and help her get through what she is going through and see if you can plug her into a religious organization where she can get more help such as a church, mosque, synagogue or temple etc... I don't know too much about the other religions but most religious organizations care about their members social environment and emotional well being.


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