What is the reason behind this?

Someone dump me, I befriend him, He blocks me, Makes a new account that is public but isn't online at all. I don't bother them so I am confuse. Could it be to keep tabs on me and hide what they are doing?


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  • If he dumps you, why are you friending him anyways? Also if you "don't bother them" why are you looking at his new account stalking him. Saying he isn't online but his profile is public. Let it be. And when you say, "them" I am going to assume he is with someone else now.

    • Yes, he dump me. I befriend him, he blocks me, then he starts texting my phone saying he loves me a such. Then he makes a new account and leaves it public. I don't stalk him and I haven't bothered him sense the day I found the new account! He was still single last time I known and had women all on the one he block me from commenting! I have move on its been two weeks now. I just thought he did this to see what I was doing because I didn't block him nor can he see what I am online doing, so what are you talking about? Lol smh

    • I am talking about your initial question where you left all that detail out. Regardless I still say let it be. Block him if need be. If he is going to text you saying I love you after breaking up with you only means he wants booty or is playing games.

    • I did ask him why he said all that and has a single status. He never replied and its been two weeks. So I don't worry to much about it but mind you I am still heart broken.

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