Become friends with my ex?

I recently began talking to my ex-boyfriend. He was always someone I can talk to on an emotional level which is great because I can't seem to find anyone else like that at this moment.

The only problem is that he doesn't seem to be over me at all, and we broke up almost 2 years ago. He has a girlfriend now and so I thought that he had finally moved on.

We've made plans to hangout but now he's starting to talk more intimately on the phone and saying that what if things were to happen and I'm always quick to say -- you have a wonderful girlfriend! What are you saying? Then he says he'll break up with her but I'd never want to be THAT person.

I tell him upfront that I do not want nothing more than a friendship but he suddenly starts accusing me of being a liar.

I really do care as a friend and wished to make a lasting friendship but is my only choice to just forget about the friendship? Should I hangout with him and explain that I meant what I said about not having feelings? Or should I just completely drop the idea?


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  • No, drop the idea.

    The only way exes can ever be friends is if both people are completely over the other, and if it is clear that there will never be an attempt to 'rekindle what we once had'. Even then it can be tricky to navigate.

    He is already accusing you of being a liar, implying that you obviously want more than just friendship? He is already telling you what could happen if 'things were to happen'? The writing is on the wall, this is not about a 'lasting friendship'. It can't work, he is not over you.

    I strongly suggest dropping this idea.


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  • I don't see this going well. Being friends with a ex is tricky at best, damn near impossible. For one his new girlfriend isn't going to be ok with this (put yourself in her shoes). For two when you get a new boyfriend you ex is going to cause problems because he's not ready to let you go. Good luck! :)


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  • I recently asked a similar question, refer to mine for some advice and opinions.

    if he still has feelings for you and he has a new girlfriend, I think it isn't best to hangout and stuff. he needs his space to get over you and im sure his new girlfriend won't appreciate you two hanging out especially if he still has feelings for you.
    quite frankly im sure if he does hang out with you its gonna mess up his relationship cos lines are gonna blur hun

  • If he's THAT emotional about you, I doubt he'll be very understanding when you say you don't have feelings for him. It might be best to to just pull away from before it gets worse...


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